The brain is marvelous

The Student Achievement ProgramBecause your experiences make you who you are. That is why we are individuals. The way your brain records events in your life form you, and the plasticity of your brain explains in some way the difference between you and the person beside you.

The great thing is that your brain is expansive. It grows. Apparently we have no clue what most of our brian is for, but with the little we do know, it becomes clear that you can learn more, both behavior and information, than you think.

Your brain functions as a bridge between the “objective” and “subjective” realities which exist in real time in your experience. Isn’t that marvelously confusing and interesting at the same time? It is to me.

If anything, perhaps this quest into neuroscience will bring us both answers to how you learn and how to optimize the kind of learning you want to do in university.



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