I can do that!

There are many avenues to explore when you contemplate how you will improve your academic performance.

You may think of your study skills. Are your comprehensive reading skills, such as the SQ3R method, up to speed? What about your time management? Are you spending, on average, enough time on your studies?

Yet do you ever consider your peers? When you look at your day-to-day activities and compare those to the people you spend most time with during the week, do you see similarities?

What about your peer groups’ attitude towards studying? Does it resemble yours – or does your attitude resemble your peer groups’?

Surrounding yourself with people who share your ambition is good for many reasons. The rules of peer influence hold true in business, in arts, in politics, and in education. By sharing thoughts, ideas, methods, experiences and many other, on their own perhaps trivial things, an atmosphere or culture is created which influences your behavior in more ways than you can imagine.

Key is that you are not intimidated by the performance of your peers. Rather, let it inspire you to grow and accomplish similar levels of performance. This way you reinforce each other, and can reach new levels together.

Look at someone who excels in a filed of your interest and say: I can do that! And with enough effort, you will.